Newsroom for Bubby's Puddle Pond

Written as a mix of fiction and true events from the author’s own life, Bubby’s Puddle Pond: A Tortuga’s Tale of the Desert (Nina Story Books, LLC), written by Carol Hageman and skillfully illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen, follows Bubby, a desert tortoise, from the moment a young girl lifts him out of a shoebox and sets him down in his special grassy habitat for the first time. The habitat becomes the site for Bubby’s budding friendships with other desert animals. As these unlikely “pals” learn to work together for the benefit of the group, Bubby realizes how brave he can be.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. You seem to have wanted to write a children’s book for quite some time. Why now? What changed?
  2. In what ways have you seen animals act that are like what you describe in your book?             
  3. The young girl in the book who owns the turtle, Erin, is based on your daughter, also named Erin. How did you impart a love of animals to her?
  4. What surprised you most about owning a desert tortoise?
  5. Tell me about your experience as a school volunteer helping second-graders write their own books.
  6. The book was dedicated to Martin Mares, can you tell me about your connection with him?
  7. Why was it important to you to include a glossary of new words, a curriculum guide for teachers and a fact sheet about the desert tortoise?
  8. You include information about how to legally adopt a desert tortoise. Are they endangered, and is there a problem with people in Arizona and elsewhere illegally owning them?
  9. What do you hope children and families take from your book?
  10. Do you have plans to write more books? What is next?
Patti Crane