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Written as a mix of fiction and true events from the author’s own life, Bubby’s Puddle Pond, skillfully illustrated by Nathaniel P. Jensen, follows Bubby, a desert tortoise, from the moment a young girl lifts him out of a shoebox and sets him down in his special grassy habitat for the first time. The habitat becomes the site for Bubby’s budding friendships with other desert animals. As these unlikely “pals” learn to work together for the benefit of the group, Bubby realizes how brave he can be.


About Niña Story Books, LlC



Before my daughter, Erin could say her first words, I always read to her. I started her library at an early age because I wanted to instill in her a love of reading.

When she entered elementary school, I volunteered in the classroom, taking on multiple tasks, including tutoring young readers. However, my most memorable project was helping second graders publish their own books. They would create/write a story and I would type it into book form and make a cover out of construction paper. The children illustrated the pages and cover. Once completed, the student would read the book to the class. The stories were adorable.

As years progressed, Erin became interested in science. She adopted a desert tortoise, named Bubby. I started to observe little Bubby’s behavior when I would do my landscaping and gardening. Some of the things I witnessed were precious. I felt it would make a fun children’s book.

Recently, I formed Niña Story Books LLC. Niña was my horse of 16 years. She provided me with some wonderful memories. After her sudden loss, my life changed forever. I mourned her absence, and needed something to fill the void. With the encouragement of my daughter, I decided to write Bubby’s Puddle Pond: A Tortuga’s Tale of the Desert.

I wanted to pay tribute to Niña, and felt naming the company after her was a wonderful way to remember my best equine friend.